Software Provider
for Platform

You can extend your services and become a software partner with WebAccountPlus and get many more users


You must fulfil following criteria

You are an established Software company with a proven track record in a specific country and/or globally

You have an exciting cloud-based product which would help an SME to improve (CRM, Auto-Marketing, AI-Expense Management, Loyalty Program, HR, Tax Automation, AI-driven, Credit Cards, Factoring or Financing Solutions, Portfolio Management System, Forex, any other or new system,

You have a strong network in your country


You do agree to white Label your software

You do agree on reselling your software in a license model


You do agree on Hosting

Existing Software Partners

We work very closely with our partners in the respective departments and in software development in order to be able to provide our customers with the best possible solutions.

Become a Software Provider for Platform

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