Modern self-service BI and analytics platform that helps discover hidden insights, all within minutes

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and blend data from anywhere

Self Service
data preparation for analysis

Visually analyze
data with insightful reports and dashboards

Why Analytics

Connect, prepare, analyze your data, and get deep, actionable insights.


Helps unify organizational data with pre-built integrations across business applications. And to get insights from reports blending across business functions.


Augmented with AI and ML capabilities such as conversational analytics, automated insights, predictive and cognitive analytics.

Our time-tested and accredited enterprise-grade security features and governance framework ensures continuous data management and stewardship.

Export or print reports for offline access. Schedule your reports and dashboards to be emailed automatically to the given recipients.

Get a powerful BI, reporting, and analytics solution in your own brand name, embedded within your product/application or setup as a standalone portal.

Kick start your analytics journey with many pre-built visualizations or build your own with the drag-and-drop interface.


Combine data from different sources for cross-functional analysis. For example, blend data from Bing Ads, Google Analytics, and CRM to create a full conversion funnel.

Develop & analyze reports together with right department. Share and embed your visualizations for wider consumption.

Hold conversations with our smart AI assistant, generate automated insights with a single click, predict the future trends, do cognitive and what-if analysis, setup smart alert and much more.


Data Storytelling

Tell engrossing stories with your data. Present/publish analytical insights in the context of familiar business workflows. Make analytics a joy!

Embedded BI

Offer a full-fledged white-labeled BI & analytics app under your brand name. Set up a standalone analytics portal, or embed within your app.


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