Management Consultants

Tailored solutions for management consulting companies, designed to keep you ahead of the competition.


Get a consolidated single point of access and view about all your company data in a Dashboard in realtime in true values on your fingertipps

Save hundred thousands to millions of US dollars per year in operations (depending on company size and complexity)

Get access via Open Corporate™ interface to Open Banking, Embedded Banking, Embedded Finance Services etc. with automated product proposals from your bank advisor, insurance or management consultant

Get Multi-Banking, Securities Portfolios etc. from all your loacations consolidated as well

Get our whole suite implemented on premises in your own company cloud

Improve your current Setup with a Powerful Performance Management

Automate Securities Accounting for your organization over all your locations

Get a powerful Analytics overall Disciplines

Have direct realtime connections with your tax advisor, banker etc. as per your definition

you get all the software in the accounting package worth several thousand

Option portfolio management system with automated securities accounting incl. multi-banking securities


And the best comes here

Performance Management

Use and support of a highly specialized performance management tool - allowing you to create a balanced score card with the client and provide active strategic advice including automatic monitoring of target achievement.

Digital Corporate Advisor ™

With the unique Digital Company Advisor your customer gets his daily companion - robot - butler, whatever you want to call him at his side. It tells him in real time what he needs to do at any given time.

Open Corporate ™

Automatically your customers are part of the global Open Corporate community. This allows them to benefit from an automated marketplace such as financing requests, job exchange, suppliers, investment requests, consulting requests, insurance requests, etc.

On mandate basis

Analyze your current needs and situation

We will work on a pre-study directly in your organization and partially remote

You will get a concrete offer and implementation plan

Enhance missing Software Components

Implementation with your existing Software (Accounting Software from various areas, Bank Connections, CRM etc.

Implement Digital Corporate Advisor™ and our Rules Engine

Get access to Corporate ECO-System via ™ Open Corporate Interface

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