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Experience the sophistication of intelligent wealth management solutions enhanced by cutting-edge reporting capabilities.

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Save time and effort by using Canopy to collect data from any source and in any format (Datafeed Connections, APIs, PDF, Excel, CSV, SWIFT etc.)’

Group and review select client portfolios in more dynamic ways. Scale your practice with complete visibility to portfolio status and activity so you’re updated with the data flow.

Differentiate your service with Canopy’s digital tools that allows you to blend your data to meet increasing demand for personalization, flexibility, and omnichannel engagement.

Elevate the client management experience with Manager

WebAccountPlus Manager empowers wealth managers to conduct sophisticated analyses across multiple clients, fostering deeper engagement and personalized financial strategies.



An intuitive and interactive web application that allows the user to view their consolidated portfolio.

Consolidate PDF and electronic data for all types of assets, including structured products, private equity, real estate etc.

Sophisticated and intuitive tools to instantly slice and dice clean data flexibly to obtain actionable insights.

One size almost never fits all. We customize professional reports according to your requirements for all your reporting needs.

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