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You keep your previous accounting system(s)

Automated & easy customer onboarding for your customers to our system

System will be ready to use within weeks for your company

No question of cost - decision of reason

Your customer (SME, Asset Manager, Key Account)

And the best comes here

Performance Management

Use and support of a highly specialized performance management tool - allowing you to create a balanced score card with the client and provide active strategic advice including automatic monitoring of target achievement.

Digital Corporate Advisor ™

With the unique Digital Company Advisor your customer gets his daily companion - robot - butler, whatever you want to call him at his side. It tells him in real time what he needs to do at any given time.

Open Corporate ™

Automatically your customers are part of the global Open Corporate community. This allows them to benefit from an automated marketplace such as financing requests, job exchange, suppliers, investment requests, consulting requests, insurance requests, etc.

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